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How to Crack CA-CPT Exams

Common Proficiency test (CPT) Exam is one of the most reputed but difficult course that needs lot of dedication and good training. It is one of the popular courses in the CA section and is held twice every year. Certainly, to clear this exam is not a cup of tea. One needs to make sure that every subject is cleared in first attempt with the flying colors. To appear for this exam, students can register in the month of June and December when it is held. Students who have cleared 10th STD are eligible to apply for it, but can only appear once they clear their 12th std. If you have decided to appear for coming years, CA-CPT exam, then follow some quick tips and tricks and clear it well.

1. Always carry a Positive approach: A right approach towards your study can help you learn and understand all the subjects properly and thus save you from getting distracted. Always think about clearing the exam and not about its toughness. If you worry about exams being hard, you won’t be able to study as well. Have a can do attitude.
2. Read the difficult chapters first and understand them: If you think that you take time to clear economics or accountings seems difficult, then focus on those subjects first. Read the important books and notes.
3. Create a good Strategy: You must strategize the way you want to study. Decide on which subject you want to start first and which should be kept at last. Subjects like accounting, income tax and economics are related and dependent on each other, thus, make the proper strategy accordingly.
4. Proper planning can help you: Make a time table. Set the time for the subjects and the topics that you are planning to learn. This will save ample of your time and you can thus start learning faster. And do stick to the timetable. Many times it happens student prepare the time table to study, but forgets it. Having a timetable and following it will help you in completing your syllabus faster.
5. Revise well: Never be overconfident that once you learn the subject you have understood everything. Having faith within yourself is no doubt a good thing, but you need to ensure that you revise those subjects again to ensure that you have not forgotten anything. Revision also ensure that you are not missing on any topic from any subject.
6. Keep writing: Practice always makes a person an expert. Writing those subjects exams will help you to catch the speed. Thus, you will not have to be in fear that you may lose the marks for simply not completing the test.
7. Try to achieve at least 30% in all the subjects. As a aggregate you need to score 50%
8. Accounting is a scoring subject in CPT. Thus, make sure you try to crack it with a high score.
9. For mercantile law, do not put any subject on option. It is another scoring subject after accounts
10. When you start studying economics complete Macroeconomics then focus on microeconomics.
11. Talking about Quantitative Aptitude, if you take Mathematics, cover up easy subjects first and then when you take statistics; do integration, regression and differentiation as these are quite important.
12. Apply for practice exam: There are many books and even the online exam series that can help you understand how the question pattern comes and what all problems you can expect in the paper. Try to practice those exams daily for at least an hour
13. Have faith in yourself: It is extremely important that when you start studying subjects, you keep in the corner of your mind that you wish to clear it with good grades.

Now you seem to be ready with all best possible ways to clear the exam. Make sure you don’t lose your focus and score well. After all it is one life changing career path that you are keen to choose. Best of luck and do well!